Let yourself be enveloped by the transcendental energy of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, also known as "The Heart of the World"

Plan your trip

YAY is located at an altitude of 30 meters above sea level and not far north of the equator, so we enjoy a  pleasant tropical climate with warm days and cooler evenings.  Our region endures some rainy periods, refreshing the jungle, normally in April-May and October-November, when it is also more humid. Most of the time, we have sunny days, spectacular sunsets and it is totally fresh at night and in the early morning.

From Santa Marta


We work with a local and trusted company, Paradise Caribe, and can organize your taxi to be waiting for you at the airport or any other location in Santa Marta.

There are also options availaible for more than 4 passengers.

Rent a car

Always having a car available gives you the freedom to move around as you please. The jungle tracks in the area are quite bumpy, so a high axle car is needed. 


The local bus leaves from El Mercado in Santa Marta every 20 mins and goes past Buena Vista shopping mall, on the outskirts of the city. From Buena Vista it is an hour or so to Guachaca. 

From the main road on the Guachaca bridge you can either walk 2km up the track to YAY or take a moto taxi. 

From anywhere else around

We can help you arrange your trip to YAY, contact us.